Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA F 2nd


Spend time getting to know your favorite characters at the DIVA Room!
Project DIVA F 2nd features new event scenes like cooking dinner, knitting, and many more everyday activities in a customizable virtual world!

New room themes and event items await you, so why not take a break in the DIVA Room!

Communicate with characters using the left stick (PlayStation®3) or the touchscreen (PlayStation®Vita). Each character has new expressions and reactions for you to discover!

Don’t overdo the head rubbing though! If you do, the character might get angry or not let you near them for a while. Likewise, presents are always appreciated, but too much giving might be taken the wrong way!


From time to time, characters will ask you to do things like change the background music, the room theme, or their costume modules. Granting their requests is a great way to build friendships!

Patty Cake
Follow along and clap to the music in this mini-game with Miku and friends. The tempo gets faster between rounds, so pay close attention!



You can enjoy a live concert from Miku and friends in a virtual concert hall on the PlayStation®3 version of Project DIVA F 2nd. The rockin' track list comprises 8 songs from the Hatsune Miku Magical Mirai 2013 event. All audio and visuals are the same as Magical Mirai 2013, which means you can experience this historic concert any concert in the privacy of your own home.

Enjoy the show as-is, or customize your performer’s modules to create a unique concert experience!

"AR Live" and "Live Studio" Tracks (8 in total)"Sweet Devil" (artist: Hachioji P)
"Cat Food" (artist: doriko)
"Tokyo Teddy Bear" (artist: Neru)
"Glow" (artist: keeno)
"Love-Hate" (artist: HoneyWorks)
"Erase or Zero" (artist: Crystal P)
"Hello, Worker" (artist: KEI)
"Piano x Forte x Scandal" (artist: OSTER project)


Photo Studio Mode allows you to bring your favorite characters into photos stored on your PlayStation®3 system storage, and this version has been improved with a host of brand new features.

・ Two characters in the frame at the same time!
・ New poses!
・ Create and store your favorite arrangements for use later!
・ Save your pictures as high-quality JPEG images.