Miku Flick/02

Rhythm Action Game in iOS Hatsune Miku sings and dances on your iOS device once again! Rin & Len Kagamine, Luka Megurine joins the MikuFlick fun! Brand new "Duet Songs" in the mix!


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New Features on MikuFlick/02!

New Songs and Various Recordings!

New songs featuring Rin & Len Kagamine, Luka Megurine, and everyone's favorite Hatsune Miku! Playable duet songs too!


Brand new "EXTREME MODE" added between "HARD" and "BREAK THE LIMIT" for the extreme rhythm game player in you!

Additional Song Distribution!

The long-awaited, additional song distribution is here as DLC! (Paid) Downloadable new songs with seasonal costumes!


Record your high scores and best performances to improve your skills and share with friends!

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Core gameplay and Game modes are the same as 1st "MikuFlick".

About "MikuFlick"

Initial Song Compilation

9 Popular Songs & Bonus!

  • music1
  • music2
  • music3
  • music4
  • music5
  • music6
  • music7
  • music8
  • music9
  • ????????

Clear all songs on Normal Mode and see the ending! Improve your Flick skills and unlock the secret song!

Clear certain requirements to unlock "多重未来のカルテット"! This song is based on the legendary arcade game "QUARTET" theme song.

Additional song

Additional new songs will be available as DLC! (charged)

Additional song list
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