• About DIVA.NET


DIVA.NET has a various function to make game play more enjoyable.

Player can select skin, title name and module of each song.

Hope everybody utilizes and enjoys DIVA.NET!

*DIVA.NET can be accessed using PC from outside Japan.
*DIVA.NET service is only available in Japanese language.



After Project DIVA Arcade Ver. A, "DIVA.NET right" is required to use all functions of DIVA.NET.

Able to obtain "DIVA.NET right" by playing ver. A machine certain number of times.

*Player without "DIVA.NET right" can use limited function.

What is DIVA.NET utility rights?

Player needs to play "Hatsune Miku Project DIVA Arcade (Version A or more)" a given number of plays to acquire the rights for DIVA.NET.
Some menus will not be available if the player doesn't have the rights.

If player plays 10 times,
player will get the rights for 30days.

*It counts online play only. (Please check that the color of online icon on the top-right of the screen is green)

Acquire Rights and Play Count

• 30days of DIVA.NET rights will be given for every 10plays.
• Play will be counted every time the players plays "Hatsune Miku Project DIVA Arcade (Version A or more)"
Please be aware that continue will not be counted as 1 play.
• Rights will be given automatically after the play count becomes 10.
• Usage limit and Current play count can be checked at "Rights Confirmation Screen"
• Play count will not decrease other than exchanging to rights.

*With the use right for 31 days or more, neither giving the right nor totaling the play count.


• Players will receive a gift of rights for 30 days when they play "Hatsune Miku Project DIVA Arcade Version A" for the first time.
• The utility rights gained by the gift can be used together with the usual rights.

If player doesn't have rights.

Below menu not be available if the rights expire.
It can be used again if the player acquires the right.

• Player Information
• Change Player Name
• Title Setting
• VP History
• Contest
• Module
*Module List can be viewed.
• Skin
• Shop
• Ranking
• Song List (Check Play Information)
*Song List and Song Information can be viewed. Play information cannot be viewed.

*Titles and Module Settings will be maintained even if the player doesn't have the right.
*Card Data will not be lost even after the rights expire.