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Cool Rate Challenge Contest #10! And new additional DIVA.NET item!

Aug 7, 2014

Cool Rate Challenge Contest #10!

"Cool Rate Challenge Contest #10" will be held from 6-August(Wed) to 19-August(Tue).
Play certain difficulty songs out of the list, and get "Game Skin" and "Titles" by achieving certain percentage.

Cool Rate Challenge Contest #10

6-Aug 2014(Wed) ~ 19-Aug 2014(Tue)


Total COOL Rate


Beginner / Intermediate / Advanced


For beginner class, play 4 songs from difficulty★1~★5.5.
For intermediate class, play 4 songs from difficulty★4~★7.5.
And for advanced level, play 4 songs from difficulty★6~★10.

Additional Item for DIVA.NET Tickets!

2New Items will be available to be exchanged with tickets from 6-Aug 2014(Wed).
At this time, "Decoration title" will be added.
Get your favorite one in this chance!

Additional Decollation Title!

A route"な夏本番" is newly added!!
By exchanging with additional title, new titles, e.g."の思いで""の朱雀", are available.

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