How to Play

  • Introduction
  • Game Flow
  • screen
  • Contest Mode
  • Rival Function
  • Screen Shot Function
  • DIVA Record

First CGM Arcade Game Ever!

CGM (Consumer Generated Media) Arcade Game ever, which players create new world.
Rhythm Game featuring Hatsune Miku and other VOCALOID.
Featuring songs that were popular in "Hatsune Miku Project Diva" on PSP, and songs from "Niko Niko Douga"
New songs are planned to be uploaded online. Players can go deep into Hatsune Miku world!


New play feeling!Get big score by continuing sliding for Chain Slide.

Beautiful Graphics!

More Expressions!New Staging!

Parts Customize!

Customize Characters on your choice!Mode shift by parts attachments!

Change module by songs on cabinet!

Change module by songs on cabinet!Change common setting and individual setting any time.

Several New Songs to be added!For Trio as well!

崩壊歌姫 -disruptive diva- / マチゲリータ
アンハッピーリフレイン / wowakaキャットフード / doriko

Well selected New songs from "Niko Niko Douga" will be playable in the game!

slump / しばいぬ・綾取りGothic and Loneliness ~I’m the very DIVA~ / なるしまたかし

Simple Rhythm Game playable for all players!

Play using ○×□△ and Touch Slider♪
Simple rule by getting into rhythm, press button and slide.
There are "EXTREME MODE" that has "Simultaneous Push" and "Hold Marker" to enable high score.
This will keep high level players' attention. Practice hard and aim for high score!!