Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA f

All screenshots shown are from the JP version.


When they're not busy performing, you can find Hatsune Miku and her friends relaxing in their own private DIVA Rooms. Spend some time with them and check out fun “day in the life” events with up to three different characters.


You can also use "gadgets" to spice up life in the DIVA Room.

Alarm Clock  ・・・  Sounds an alarm at a time you set. Wake up to a song you love!
Kitchen Timer  ・・・  Sounds an alarm after a set number of minutes and seconds. Perfect for use while cooking!
Jukebox  ・・・  Listen to in-game tracks and MP3s from a memory card.
TV  ・・・  Set a custom playlist for Rhythm Game videos.

You’ll also find unlockables in-game like the “Art Gallery”, which lets you view all of the illustrations from “Loading” screens throughout the game.


Get up close and personal with the Hatsune Miku cast in “Communication Mode” by using the touch screen and the rear touch pad. Gently pat your characters and give them gifts. You'll be best friends in no time!