Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA f

All screenshots shown are from the JP version.


Create your own video and rhythm games in Edit Mode!

Choose a stage, characters, facial expressions, animations and much more to customize your video's visuals. Then drop button gtargetsh into the timeline to create challenging Rhythm Game compositions for your friends. The sky is the limit!

You can also share any gEditsh you create with your friends via Ad Hoc mode, or with the world via PSN.


Making full use of the PlayStation®Vitafs high resolution display, DIVA f combines Edit Modefs preview window and timeline so that you can edit everything on the same screen. This lets you build new videos and rhythm games quicker and easier! You can also expand the preview window to use more of the screen and get a better look at your creations.

  • Edit Modefs menus have been optimized to give you convenient access to key editing features.
  • Place gboxesh on the timeline to set up animations, transitions, angle changes etc. and adjust their length as needed.
  • Set precise movements for the camera. Choose a focal point on your character or in the stage itself to rotate the view around.
  • Plenty of facial expressions and fluid transitions to choose from that will give your characters a spark of life!


  • Up to three characters can be included in an edit.
  • New instrument items and performance animations\everything you need for a jam session is here!
  • Preset character animations give you access to a broad palette of character movement.
  • Many backgrounds to choose from, including stages from the in-game music videos and more. There are also lots of items and effects to play around with!


  • Add "Scratch" notes, as well as "Chance Time" and "Technical Zone" sections to your music video.
  • Use gtriplet notesh to add notes faster.
  • Check the position of targets as you place them.


  • Videos you create in Edit Mode can be played back in AR Live mode.
    Up to three characters can appear in your Edit with modules of your
    choosing. Watch your characters dance in the real world to your own
    personal Edit Data.