Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA f

All screenshots shown are from the JP version.



This latest installment of SEGAfs acclaimed "Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA" series is on its way to your PlayStation®Vita.

Now in handheld form, gProject DIVA fh showcases some of the most beautiful graphics and polished video direction numbers of the series, along with catchy music that will melt your heart.

Hit the buttons to the beat in 32 different musical selections. Customize your characters with stylish gmoduleh (costume) designs for a unique visual and musical experience, then jump into the rhythm game for some musical action!

DIVA ffs gRhythm Gameh lets you gsing alongh with your fingers as you tap the buttons to the beat. The Vita version features gscratch notesh which you trigger by "scratching" the touchscreen like a DJ. This added touchscreen compatibility brings the beat right to your fingertips!

Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA f also features an gEdit Modeh that puts you in the directorfs chair and lets you create a unique music video for Miku and her friends. The gEditsh that you build in this fully-featured video creation engine can be uploaded to PSN, viewed by other players and downloaded by them on both the PlayStation®Vita version and the PlayStation®3 version. Build videos while youfre on the road and tweak them at home! Itfs a directorfs dream!


DIVA ffs theme song, "ODDS&ENDS", was written for Project DIVA f by artist ryo. gODDS & ENDSh is featured in the gamefs Opening Movie, which includes life-like CG visuals and tells a unique story set in the everyday life of Hatsune Miku and friends.


Strum along to the beat in DIVA ffs gRhythm Gameh. Tap the corresponding buttons when gmelody iconsh drop down to their targets, and connect the notes for a combo. Hit as many notes as you can to clear the song and shoot for higher grades!

gScratchh the screen to hit gStar Targetsh in DIVA f, and keep going to build a combo. Scratch notes pop up most often during song intros, interludes and other portions of the song where instruments are the focus.

These notes can also be triggered using the rear touch pad, so choose the play style that suits you best.
(You can turn the rear touch pad controls on or off in the Options menu)

All songs include a "Technical Zone". Youfll earn bonus points if you perfectly connect a combo through this area! Mastering the Technical Zone is a must if you want to clear higher difficulties!

At the end of a song, your play will be graded according to how long you held your combo, the number of notes you hit, and other criteria. Higher grades will earn you more gDIVA pointsh which let you purchase costumes, items to decorate your room and more at the in-game shop.


All songs also feature a "Chance Time" section, in which a star shaped gauge at the bottom of the screen fills up as you successfully hit targets. Youfll trigger a short gbonus eventh at the end of the song if you hit enough targets during the allotted time and scratch the final gBig Starh target. Clear Chance Time to see the full version of all of DIVA ffs music videos!

To improve your skills in the Rhythm Game, figuring out where you make mistakes can help you identify what your weaknesses are. DIVA f has handy features that can help you practice. At the end of a song, you can view a graph of your game results, which shows when and where you missed targets, and lets you analyze your progress.



In Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA f, you can also add customization items to each part of your character. Equip quirky and stylish items to their Head, Face, Chest and Back. Cat ears, glasses, ribbons, tails, ties and other accessories are available to give your character a look all your own. Along with character modules, youfll find plenty of customization items for sale at the in-game shop.